Information for Doctors

LGSA offers seamless list coverage for both local and visiting surgeons.  Specific benefits of working with LGSA include:

Guaranteed list coverage

When your regular anaesthetist is on leave, cover for your list will automatically be arranged with another of our anaesthetists without any disruption to you.  Likewise, there is no problem whatsoever if you need to take leave.


Our group consists of staff specialist anaesthetists at the Launceston General Hospital.  The anaesthetist working with you on your private operating list will most likely already be known to you, which can make for smoother running of the list.

Support for surgeons establishing private practice

We are in an excellent position to support surgeons in establishing private practice, as our revenue model does not discriminate against haphazard and/or underbooked lists.

We believe that these factors set us apart from other groups or independent practitioners, and we look forward to tailoring a solution for you.

Booking a session

Please contact our receptionist to book a session.

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